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Privacy policy

At S&N Partners Law Offices (hereinafter referred to as “S&N”), we think that protecting the privacy of our clients is extremely important. Our office safely protects the personal information and privacy-related matters of the client (hereinafter referred to as "personal information, etc."), clarifies the purpose of use, and strives to ensure accurate information.

This privacy policy explains the policy when our office handles the personal information of the client. This privacy policy applies only to the information we collect on all websites operated by us.

1 Aquisition of Personal Information, etc.

The purpose of S&N to collect and use the personal information of the client is as follows.

  • For the provision and operation of our office services
  • Purpose incidental to the above purpose of use

2 Purpose of Use of Personal Information, etc.

S&N will not use the personal information of the client for any purpose other than the purpose of use, except when there is a legitimate reason such as legal obligation. However, it may be used to collect statistical data such as the number of requesters, sales, and browsing methods on the website without identifying the individual requester.

3 Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

S&N will not provide the client's personal information, etc. to a third party without the client's consent. However, this does not apply when required by law or when personal information is required to protect human life, body or property.

4 Management of ersonal Information, etc.

S&N manages personal information etc. appropriately according to each purpose of use.

5 Correction / Deletion of Personal Information, etc.

If there is an error in the client's own personal information managed by S&N and the client requests correction or deletion, S&N will respond appropriately after asking you to confirm that you are the client for the purpose of prevention the client's personal information from leaking.

6 Notification of modify

If S&N modify our privacy policy, we will post the modify on this website.

7 Inquiries

In case of any questions or inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact

Established in May 2020