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Attorneys at Law

Ryosuke Sashihara

Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Practice Areas

Attorney’ Practice

  • General corporate legal affairs (Contract draft check, Correspondence to general shareholders meeting, Corporate law related litigation, Organizational restructuring, Internal control, Business succession, etc.)
  • Various disputes (Litigation, Negotiation)
  • Inheritance (Inheritance tax countermeasures, Make and executing, Composition of Trust)
  • Criminal case
  • Tax incidents (Protest and lawsuit for cancelation against taxation)
  • English correspondence possible
  • Chinese correspondence (Document base) possible


  • Ueno-oka High School (Oita prefecture)
  • Waseda University (Faculty of Law)
  • Passed the 1st judicial preliminary exam

Other Activity

  • Japan Association of Tax Litigators

Former affiliation

  • Kumamoto Regional Taxation Bureau )
  • Chester Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Co