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Attorney at Law

Attorney at Law

Atsushi Ito

Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Practice Areas

Attorney’ Practice

  • Civil dispute (Lawsuit, Arbitration)
  • Inheritance (Heritage split negotiation, Distributive share reducing request, Make and executing a testamentary wills, other general inheritance consultation etc.)
  • Real estate (Buying, selling, renting, vacate and surrender etc.)
    • Lease tenancy
    • Building dispute
    • Mansion dispute
  • General corporate legal affairs (Contract, Correspondence to general shareholders meeting, Corporate law related litigation, Organization restructuring, Internal control, Venture support, Business succession, Scandals correspondence etc.)
  • Labor incident (employer side, labor side)
  • Domestic affairs (Divorce, Children's rights)
  • Sports legal affairs
  • Entertainment / Talent legal affairs
  • Criminal case


  • Yokohama Junior High School Affiliated with Yokohama National University
  • Keio Senior High school
  • Keio University (Faculty of law)
  • Keio University Graduate School of Law (Civil Law) Completion of Master’s course
  • Passed the 1st judicial preliminary exam

Public activity

  • Member of Civil intervention violence countermeasure committee (Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association)
  • Member of Children's Law Committee (Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association)

Former affiliation

  • Yamawaki Shimada Nishi Law Office


  • Testament case for law-practitioners Trust consultation case Q & A (SEIBUNSHA) Co-author